Thursday, March 13, 2008

Day of Rest #2

Day 2 started out just like day 1. This tea is good. Will be on the permanent grocery list.

Then some more of this :

Which led to more of this:

And yes this too:

And then I opened this. Which rocked my world and prompted me to make a few phone calls so I could say, "wow" out loud a few times, and then I emailed a few friends too. It stopped me in my tracks. I might read it again tomorrow.

I put off reading this, because it kept me up too late last night, but did read a few chapters until mom called and invited me to lunch.

And man was lunch good! I recommend the Thai Curry bowl. It's sensational. I convinced mom to stop at Half Price Books on the way home to see if the book I read this morning was on the shelf. It wasn't. Bummer. On the way home we talked about why I take these days of rest or of nothing. I wish she could somehow take them too.

Then home and I opened this, but after a few pages, realized I was a bit tired of reading. I set it aside for tomorrow.

So I watched some of this. Which I must say is a little addicting. I now hope to be caught up on season 3 before the end of season 4, which might be impossible, but we shall see. Don't worry, I have my limits on how many episodes can be watched in a day.

All in all an awesome day. It amazes me how much life is different when I take a day out for myself, and I am reminded how important it is for me in my future to set aside the list of tasks that "Must get done." If I was better at taking a day a week, I probably wouldn't need to take multiple days like I did this week.

And while I am at it. You might have noticed I didn't put the picture of the running shoes up today, but that is because the running shoes are in the same place they were yesterday afternoon. I failed to get that done today. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe I should work on one rhythm at a time....

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