Sunday, March 16, 2008


Yep folks. I am spending the night at the not so quality Quality Inn in Dallas. And by saying not so quality I will add that I have stayed in nicer places in Tanzania! Always an adventure.

Be praying, as myself and another not so fortunate traveler who happens to be heading to MTI as well for the week of debriefing, were not able to fly into Colorado Springs today because of weather. Pray that the weather is better when we take off at 7AM tomorrow morning. We hopefully won't miss out on too much of the debriefing, as we land in the Springs around 8am...if all goes according to plan!


The Spheric1 said...

Good luck!

Brad Keating said...

Hey, you know Brad and I are in Dallas, right? If you ever get stuck here again, call us. We're in the phone book. We could put you up for the night.