Thursday, February 28, 2008

When I am sick...

I get whiny. Yep. I am a strong, independent and stubborn girl...until I get sick...then I am all whines and want my mommy...and if she isn't available to take care of me someone needs to be near by!

Rumor has it, this "cold" that has taken over my body, resembles a cold/flu that has swept the nation and left some people down for a solid week...A WEEK! I don't have a week. I am speaking somewhere or have a meal or some type of support related presentation every night between now and sunday...and I really don't want to fly home feeling like this on wednesday. I have flown congested before and it was MISERABLE!

But. no more whining. I am taking back my Joy, and here are a few things I am Joyful about:

1. getting to share with a large group this evening all that God has done in the last 2 years in Tanzania.
2. Getting to pray with an amazing godly woman tonight whose husband is going to have a life threatening operation tomorrow.
3. peppermint fluffer and wrestling with Brett over the final pieces. I like having little brothers in any town I visit.
4. I pet a horse today. that is pretty cool since they scare me.
5. I am breathing. Yes I am thankful for the pain in my chest cause that means I am breathing.
6. Warm socks. I am thankful for warm socks I got for my birthday.
7. Emails from friends in Tanzania. I love hearing from old friends.
8. I am going to be an aunt.
9. Warm beds. Even with all the places I have gone, I have had a warm bed to fall into, and for that I am thankful.
10. Jesus...he knows my every need, and fills them.
11. This may sound cheesy, but I say with all of my heart, I am so thankful for a God who loves me, even when I am whiny and a God who would go to all lengths to save me from hell. I am thankful for that.


LindaSueBuhl said...

I found you through queen anne's lace blog - we have several friend who are in foreign missions and well aware of the blessings and costs to them. Sorry you are sick - I am too! it is hard not to get whiny but your blessings list is a good place to start. Nothing like perspective is there? Bless you -

woosterweester said...

Hey, so sorry to hear you've been sick. We all had the same thing here (I won't tell you for how long:)), and it was a bear! We'll be praying for a quick recovery for you. I could totally relate to your "sick whining" because I am the same way when under the weather.:) I love that you're still able to find so many things to be joyful about! You remind me of things I take for granted every day...but what is peppermint fluffer? Should I be thankful that I have not yet tasted the addictive stuff?:)

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Pam! It will get better. I love the way you take responsibility for your attitude.

Congrats on the Aunt status! How great is that?!?

Pam said...
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woosterweester said...

Yes, please post the recipe! Wooster (me) would LOVE it! And thanks for the strep test tip...must check into that. It could save us a world of trauma.:) Hope you're feeling better!