Sunday, February 03, 2008

the tears are flowing...

I am sitting at my dining room table, trying to remember all of the things I learned at MTI two years ago about the importance of saying healthy goodbyes...and yes I am weeping. Full on, nose is running, tears are soaking the front of my shirt, and it is a good thing I am alone because it does not sound pretty weeping.

I love this place. And I love the people. It is a strange thing to think about not seeing Msuya again, or Tedi, or Mama Jackson, or Mama Diwani. It is not a strange thing, it is a heartbreaking thing.

I have loved this place, and the ways it has loved me are countless.
I have taught in this place, and there isn't a book that could hold all it has taught me.
I have given in this place, but my oh my how much I have received.
I have welcomed this place into my heart, but not nearly in the way it has welcomed me.
I have tried to share Jesus in this place, but Jesus has even more so revealed himself to me.
I have left some footprints in the dust, but this place has left its mark on me.

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Brian Williams said...

What a wonderful and touching commentary about your journey with God and others in Tanzania. He will complete the work He has begun in Urusha. Our prayers are with you. On a very selfish note, we look forward to seeing you in NC.