Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My travel pillow.

it has a tag on it:

Warning: Do not use for sleeping. For decorative purposes only.

I personally thought the purpose for the u-shaped travel pillow was to increase your chances of sleeping during your travels.


lisa said...

We're very into the protecting ourselves from being sued in the US! Pole for the rude note on your travel pillow. I hope it helped you catch some winks regardless.

Dr. j... said...

Jonathan (from the community that is NOT NORMAL in Cary) said he'd like for us to hang out a bit. I've had my shots and don't bite (much)... Anyhow, I can make time for a coffee or something this coming M or T ...
You sound like the adventurous sort that wouldn't be afraid of meeting a sister for a little conversation.
Let me know ... my contact info should be attached.