Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Finding Favor...

So the last few weeks, God has really provided. I am not shocked really, but I guess I will say I am impressed, by the extent to which he has provided.

First, my bags. Thank you to all of you readers who expressed concern and willingness to help! God provided a free passage for my bags later this month! SWEET! Of course that means I wait until March to get my things, but I have what I need until then!

Second. Residence Permits are vital if you want to be a resident of a country. Mine technically expired the day I arrived in Tanzania 2 weeks ago, but when I landed they didn't say a thing so neither did I. I wasn't interested in spending the $100 for just two weeks. But, I did know they might give me a hard time upon departure, and make me pay then. So I prayed. Everyone I know said to take the $100 bill with me, and that most likely I will have to pay to leave since I didn't pay when I entered. Well, I don't know if it was my beauty, or my swahili, or just the fact that the immigration guy was a really nice guy...but...I got through...and didn't have to pay the $100 for the tourist visa that I should have gotten when my residence permit expired!

Third. The guitar. I didn't want to put that responsibility on the team bringing my stuff back at the end of February. If I had someones guitar I would stress over it and if something happened to it I would feel so bad, even if it wasn't my fault. So I decided I would try to "carry-on" the guitar. I assumed that when I checked it they would make me check it with checked baggage and then charge me 150 Euros because it would have been an extra bag, but I thought anything was worth the try. And I am shocked, as were the friends who happen to be on the same flight as me, that I was allowed to "carry-on" my guitar, and no joke, it was put in the overhead compartment! So, I got my guitar for free, and it is safe, and I am probably being talked about by many as the girl who took up the overhead compartment!

Fourth. I have friends traveling all the way to the USA on the same flights as me! How cool is that! At first I thought I would want to be alone, that I would just need the space, but it is really cool to have some extra company, especially since the Amsterdam layover is 6 hours!

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