Monday, February 04, 2008


I had one today. It was quite childish. I was embarrassed, which is interesting because I was alone in my apartment so I shouldn't have been embarrassed. It all just became too much. And well, I have to say, I did a good job of letting it all out.

It started with me frustrated at the old PC trying to backup pictures before I left town.

It ended with me in tears on my bathroom floor because the water was too hot because I never turned off the water heater yesterday and well, it heats and heats and never stops heating (unless the power goes off.)

It seems, that the chaos of this transition has tried to get the best of me. Thankfully it didn't fully, and Jesus was very present and listened while I cried.

It's been many weeks without a good nights sleep. Any many days without some really connecting time with Jesus, and well, that is never a good combination. Throw in trying to reconcile all emotions and say goodbye to a place and many people you love...and you are nearly doomed.... but only nearly because Jesus knows. And Jesus gets me through.

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