Thursday, January 10, 2008


"A local family grocery store where they have few options, and you can walk through the door and see all four walls from where you are standing. Must have kind, patient people, a good produce department, and not a lot to choose from. "

Even after 4 weeks in the USA, Walmart, Marsh, Kroger, Target, all of those mega stores still overwhelm me. After about 20 minutes I am exhausted and needing to go home, and most often take a nap.

I still am not sure how to behave in this country.

I still am struggling with making a decisions....I mean, who would have thought that there were SO many types of apples...or SO many types of turkey in the deli aisle? And don't get me started on crackers.

Or hot cocoa.
Or tea.
Or toothpaste.
Or clothing.
Or soup.
Or baby carrots.

Or, if we leave the grocery store, take a look outside. WHOA! There are signs, lights, sounds, and adverts everywhere. It is quite difficult to take in.

Do me a favor, be patient with me when you offer me a choice and I just can't choose right now. Making decisions is hard when there is so much to choose from.

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Ang said...

yes, but perhaps these mega stores have fun things that can mysteriously be microwaved...where's the photo?