Sunday, January 06, 2008

Traveling...a hitch in my giddy up...

Apparently I am terrible at blogging when I am traveling in the US. I dropped off the planet there. But I have an excuse. I have been busy, spending quality time with family and friends. My time here has exceeded my expectations. I have enjoyed the time with family, and I had a blast traveling around to see them all. And yes, for those curious folks who are dying to know, I had a blast in Colorado as well.

But I have hit a glitch in my travels over the next week aren't going to go as planned...which is somewhat unnerving because I really like it when things go as I had planned them to go. And I must admit, that I have flown all across the country the last 4 weeks and not had one hitch, so I really shouldn't complain. Not one weather delay, or holiday line. It has been rather smooth.

Until Kenya started to fall apart. Ashamedly I was unaware. I spent last week in Colorado and intentionally did not turn on the computer or watch the news so I was clueless when my dad called me and asked if I had changed my travel plans.

And so, as it stands, it is unsafe for me to continue on in my originally planned journey. I was supposed to fly to Kenya on Tuesday, and then take the bus from Kenya to Tanzania. With the riots and violence, it is unsafe for me to go this route. There are a few options, and so many other factors playing into this situation that I still don't know when or how I will get to Tanzania, I just know it won't be as I planned and I won't be boarding a plane bound for Kenya on Tuesday.

I meet with CMF Monday morning to make a new plan. Pray for us, as we try to look at all of the factors, all of those details, and make a decision that is best for me, for CMF, for ministry and for the future. Prayer for Kenya is also appreciated.

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woosterweester said...

Your adventures are inspiring, although to go through them it probably feels like jumping off a cliff without a chute or net. And yet you jump, Pam, every time. And God never fails to catch you and cause you to soar. This re-routing might just be for a divine appointment...God knows He can trust you to carry out His plans...can't wait to hear how He orders each step. We've lifted you up in prayer on Thursdays and Friday nights at church!