Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Persistence Pays Off...

My first phone call to American Airlines regarding my travel into Nairobi got me no where. Just a very non-empathetic call center employee telling me that my only option was to cancel and get nothing for my ticket, or delay but I would have to still travel into Nairobi and I would also have to pick a date before I could delay my requires me to know when the riots in Nairobi would calm down, and last friday when I talked to American Airlines there was no way I could predict.

Saturday. Different Person. Same Story.

Monday I got a new story, and I don't know how to reach him specifically, but Henry is my new favorite person at American Airlines!

He understood the situation, and went to work for me. So, after 45 minutes he was able to allow me to cancel my flight, and although he couldn't refund the balance of the ticket he was able to give me a credit to put towards travel anywhere in the world...however it must be used by March 8 and travel must originate in Indy.

And so the latest. I am still in Indy. I am aware things were calming down in Nairobi but I am not too sure about landing there and then taking the bus to Arusha. We are looking into travel options leaving Jan 22nd and flying directly into Tanzania.

Thanks for praying and I will keep you posted.

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