Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Mission

I was on the phone and was asked, "Pam, what is your mission? Why is it that God has you here? What did God create you to be? to do?" Disclaimer: that really isn't a direct quote as the quotations indicate, but a very poor paraphrase.

So here is is. My Mission:

To walk with the broken, the hurting, and lost as they discover healing, hope and a future through relationships bathed in the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

Those words...right above this line...even me thinking them, writing them out, speaking them aloud gives me excite are the words that COMPEL me to do silly things like walk the streets of Indianapolis in the middle of the night looking for homeless youth, or move to East Africa and walk through the slums or search under bridges and overpasses for people the rest of the world might rather forget. This is me. I love to love the unloved and the broken. I love to walk with them when they take two steps forward and then three steps back. I love getting excited with them when they achieve goals and I do treasure those moments of sitting with them and being a comfort to them whey they suffer a setback.

This is me. It touches the core of who I am.

Who are you? What's your mission?

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g9ine said...

It's a powerful mission and actually gives me energy too. But it's not because that's what I'm called to. It's more I connect with the truth it contains for you and that excites me because I see that truth as Jesus.