Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kenya...and Tanzania...

Sadly, the situation in Kenya is not improving. I am told that the violence in Kenya escalated in the last 24-48 hours, and that the level of risk of being in Kenya has increased...this grieves my heart, and the hearts of many here.

But, even though things have escalated in Kenya, life goes on as normal here in Tanzania. Honestly it is so normal that had we not read the news or heard reports from the USA we would hardly know there was a problem.

So, rest yourselves assured, we are OK here in Tanzania, but we too are monitoring the situation closely from here. We don't anticipate any problems, as the problems in Kenya are primarily tribal and involve tribes we don't have here. We are a different country, with a different government, and different community. We are OK.

But pray for Kenya, pray for the tribes to lay down their weapons, and for peace. Pray also for the many nationals and expatriates that are evacuating. Pray for their hearts, and pray for their spirits, as leaving a country you love in this manner is very hard on the soul.

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