Monday, December 03, 2007

Little surprizes in my day.

Even after two years, I get shocked by some of the things I see...I wish I had a camera for a few of these...

Today Kendra and I were in town. We were commenting on traffic and vehicles, because really I am sure some of these vehicles were made before my parents were born...anyhow today, we saw a truck and it was decorated...not for Christmas. Rather, it had three baby dolls tied to the grill...kinda morbid if you ask me. I saw it again later, and asked a Tanzanian friend about the truck...and she said..."oh that's the trash truck, it picks up trash in town." Odd, I didn't know we had a trash pick-up, and honestly, with the massive amounts of trash everywhere on the roads and sidewalks you would assume we DIDN'T have one.

Another surprise was that for once something was finished early. I moved into the apartment the beginning of October, but have put off having curtains made (we can't by them already made like you folks who live around the corner from Walmart or Target.) Anyhow, I put it off, because it really is a big job, you have to search for fabric you can live with, and well, I just haven't been in the mood. I am not a home ec kinda girl. These things are work for me. A few weeks ago my friends reminded me that I still lived in a fish bowl and I was going to be out of town for a few weeks and that it takes time to get these things done, so we set out in search for fabric for the kitchen windows, living room windows and my bedroom. We found it all and I dropped it off. I told the man who sews (you really can't call him a seamstress...) that I was leaving town Dec 8 and I needed to have these curtains done before I left. That left him with 10 days to complete the task. He said he could do it, I looked at him warily and questioned again. He assured me he could complete all of the windows before I left. I doubted having been reassured many times before on other projects...well he must have heard my doubt, as he called me today to tell me they were finished. All of them. I no longer live in a fishbowl. I was surprised. He is the first Tanzanian I know to finish something ahead of schedule. And I was surprised that after they are all hung they were sewn correctly (this doesn't always happen) and I am pleasantly surprised with my bedroom and kitchen curtains in particular...I am rather fond of them really!

I was also surprised when my car was broken into while I was picking up my curtains. I was shocked to find the drivers door lock completely destroyed, and then to find that although I had groceries and even a DVD in the car that NOTHING was taken. I was then again surprised when an old man came up to me and told me he saw a kid trying to break in and intervened. I thanked him profusely. I was again surprised in that emotionally it didn't phase me, I have grown accustomed to the behavior. That's kinda sad really.

What surprised you today?

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