Monday, December 03, 2007

I have a secret...

And it is killing me to keep it inside. There is a girlie grin on my face this week, and well I told everyone at the market today my secret, cause really it is of no consequence for any of them, and well I just can't keep it in any longer! Since it is my secret and I am the one who imposed the "secrecy" I figured I can lose the secrecy and let it out.

Place Drum-roll here....

God gave me an early Christmas present. On December 8 I will begin a 40 hour journey home to celebrate Christmas with my family. I cannot tell you how excited I am, excited doesn't really cover it really, ecstatic maybe? Thrilled? Giddy? Nope. None of those words suffice. There isn't a word to describe the depths of joy and excitement and anticipation that fills my entire being at the thought of seeing my family. Its been nearly two years folks. Way too long. So much has happened in the two years that I know there will be story after story and well I can't wait to hug my big brother and talk about life after Iraq, and I look foward to teaching my niece Myla how to say "Pam." (She was 4 months old when I left.) I can't wait to sip tea on the couch with mom and walk on the beach with dad and watch made for TV movies with grandma and...and...and...! I must stop.

So why the secret? Because I am only home for a short time and although I would love to see everyone, I can't, in fact, I am making my fam priority for this trip. In four weeks time I will travel to IN, FL, CO, and TX to visit loved ones. I won't be in any place nearly long enough to see everyone. I will have to hold off and see the rest of you when I furlough in April. I appreciate the advanced forgiveness. :-)

5 more days until I start my journey. Only 5 more days! Yep. She's smiling big.

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Nate and Amanda said...

Wow! How exciting. I am happy for you. Have a great trip!