Sunday, December 09, 2007


First can I say, God is good. My flight from London to Chicago took off late, so we arrived 1/2 and hour my 2 hour time squeeze to go through customs, retrieve my bags and check them in again and get to my gate (which of course was in another terminal) was cut to 1 1/2 hours. I was freaking out. I had traveled so far I couldn't imagine missing my last connection!

I ran off the plane. Ran to the customs line, played the perfect representation of the impatient American and ran to baggage claim. While waiting for my bags I asked the airline representative what time they would close the door and if in her opinion I had any chance. She responded, "yeah, a slight chance, if you hurry, but they won't wait for you." I wish I had more witty responses when I am tired....

I wait for my bags, finally grab them, run to the baggage check and re-check them, and then run to the tram, catch the tram and run, full out, to the gate, arriving at 3. My flight was supposed to take off at 3. Thankfully, God knew. The weather caused my plane to arrive late, so we took off late, which was such a blessing, cause had it been on time I would have never made it.

The other point worth mentioning, all of the flights the airline had today between Chicago and Indy were canceled due to weather, except mine.

A few things I have noticed in my few hours here...
  • I am feeing a little overstimulated...there are things to see, grab your attention, smell hear EVERYWHERE! It makes me a little dizzy.
  • I am used to having just a few choices when it comes to groceries...grandma and I stopped at walmart to get shampoo and conditioner and I literally got overwhelmed with having to choose. When did choosing become so difficult?
  • Food is rich here.
  • Its cold. Yep. really cold, but not as bad as I expected.
  • Internet is really fast.


Kristy Lawrance said...

Call it girlie emotions or the shared feelings of an expatriate, but your sheer joy at being home brought tears to my eyes. 3 days and I'll be in the same country as you. I can't wait!


PS- we do have Starbucks in Germany, but I'm DYING for real Mexican queso. Or at least the fake Qdoba kind!

Nate and Amanda said...

Welcome back!!

Shocker said...

Come see us - dinner tomorrow night! (Tuesday or Wednesday)
Stacy Streett