Sunday, December 09, 2007


Starbucks. Borders. Sushi. Bagel place. Wireless internet. All within 30 yards of where I am sititng.

I have entered the western world. It feels strange.

Don't get me wrong, as I shiver in my fleece sweatshirt (thanks dad) I am thoroughly enjoying my starbucks beverage. Its been nearly two years since a soy peppermint hot chocolate hit my palate, and it is as good as I remember.

But honestly, so many options, at one time, WHOA difficult. The woman in front of me ordered a drink that I was convinced needed translation... non-fat soy hot choc no whip luke warm....she's havin' it her way. Its been a long time since I could have things my way, and it took me a minute to order, and the guy gave me a funny look.

It went a little like this...

"um. its not on the options but can I get a peppermint hot chocolate?"
"yes mam, coming right up"
"Can I get it with soy milk?"
"sure thing...what size?"
"what size ma'am?"
"you mean tall?"
"yeah...yeah...that's right...Tall."

Anyhow, the journey is going well. I have been traveling for about 26 hours, and must say it has been uneventful. And I must admit I am now a fan of British I slept almost the whole flight, which is nothing short of a miracle. I usually am wide awake the entire journey. Although this trip is longer because I wanted to save money, I would say it was worth it for those precious hours of sleep.

Its strange to think that in about 12 hours I will land in Indy. So very strange. Its been so incredibly long. I am realizing how much I have changed and how much the lives of those I love so dearly back home have changed. All for the better, but regardless, I am realizing I am about to encounter a lot of change.

Next stop. Chicago. I have two hours, to get off the plane, get my bags, take them through customs and catch my flight to Indy. Prayer is probably a good idea. Lines are longer in the Western world.

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Jenelle said...

[preface- I am really going to sound like a hater. But I'm not, really.]

Oh, Starbucks.

I think Starbucks frequenters develop an individualistic ordering language of their own. Someone should tell them that Starbucks espresso is terrible because they draw it out 10-15 seconds too soon (to make more money.)

Anyway, I still like their drip coffee. But people will come to my little family-owned coffee shop and talk to me in this ridiculous Starbucks language, and I usually mess up their orders. Oops.

British Airways is my all-time favorite, by the way.

Bless you with rest!