Monday, December 03, 2007

Climate Change

Since my secret is out...I would like to point out the climate change.

Today it was blazin' hot in Arusha. Somewhere between 85-88 (depending on who you ask) degrees and the humidity had to be approaching 90 percent. To make it better the power was out all day so the fans couldn't keep the stale air moving.

Today in Indy the high is supposed to be 38 degrees. My teeth chatter at the thought of it. However I wouldn't complain over a little snow for Christmas.

Yesterday while the Midwest was recovering from a snow storm...I was getting a sunburn.

Which brings up a prayer point. Between Dec 8 and Jan 9 I will board 12 planes. It would be really nice if weather would cooperate.

I think I will be cold when I land in Indy, but I really don't care! Mom will give me a hug and she promises to bring my winter coat to the airport!

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Stasi said...

Pam!! i am soo excited for you!! I hope you have a great trip and i'll pray for you as you travel.