Monday, November 26, 2007

There's food in the kitchen

Today was a scorcher, a real scorcher, probably the hottest day I have experienced here, aside from our trip to Zanzibar last March.

Which is probably why I had to think twice when I went into our "grocery" store this afternoon. I was lazy again and decided I didn't have the energy for the open air market, and I needed fabric softener and you can't get that at the open air market. So I caved, sometimes energy is worth the cost.

I had to think twice when I entered because they were playing Christmas carols and decorating! I took a double take and laughed, thinking about all the Christmas hub-bub of the western world. I enjoy this season when I am in America, people seem more pleasant, there is a more giving attitude, and for someone who loves to give gifts it is a dream come true...

So my laziness paid of, with a sweet reminder of the season where we celebrate our King, and a little giggle as I reflected on life back home. It also paid off with groceries in the pantry, and yes, I only bought what was necessary and I only had to make one trip up the stairs.

And I might add...I got creative and it was successful. It is always a good feeling when you experiment and it works!

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