Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is hard to believe that it is my second Thanksgiving in Africa! Wow how time flies! It is hard to believe it is a holiday here, mostly because it is only a holiday if you are an American!

Here's a view of my Thanksgiving Day:

6am alarm reminds me I have to work today!
6-6:20 communicate via text between US and TZ! (fun times)
6:20 reset alarm for 7, I didn't really have to get up THIS early on a holiday did I?
7 Skip pilates and start working on the sweet potato casserole (thanks Crosspointe for the canned sweet potates, later about 28 American missionaries and their kids will savor that Thanksgiving Tradition!)
7:30 Shower
8 Post the pics from yesterday that wouldn't load.
8:45 leave for appointment at 9.
10:30-2 Continue week long seminar, getting out a few hours early for the holiday.
2-3 finish preparing my portion of Thanksgiving dinner.
3:30 gather at the Carter's house for a Thanksgiving feast that this year, does in fact include Turkey! (it was ordered a while back from Kenya, and yes, it was costly!)

How it is different:
Most of us don't gather with families, cause they are not here, so we gather with surrogate families!
I won't get to watch the Lions play football but I expect my uncle Jim will give me the details!
It's HOT! No sweaters today!
No pre-Christmas shopping tomorrow, its back to the training!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Pam - hope the sweet potatoes were a hit this year and hope you had enough. :-)
Blessings, Rick