Monday, November 26, 2007


I eat eggs, almost daily, at some point. Really in any form, omelet, scrambled, fried, with veggies mixed in, plain, add some cheese or some salsa...really I have come up with many ways to eat them. Partly because I struggle to get protein in my diet, and partly because I like them. And yes I pray about my cholesterol.

Today was no exception. After getting off the phone I went to the kitchen to fix some eggs for breakfast. I put some red and green pepper in the skillet and went to crack the egg into a bowl (we do that here, although until today I never found it necessary). The white came out into the bowl, but the yoke was stuck to the shell. I shook, and the yoke plopped down, and there were colors other than the typical yellow and opaque white. I tossed it, grabbed another clean bowl and another egg. Cracked it, same thing, this time it was just more colorful than the first. Most people would either give up at this point, or be grossed out, but red peppers are not to be wasted, so I grabbed another bowl and another egg. Cracked it, same thing, except this time...there were FEATHERS! GASP!

It was gross, but I realize I have grown up a bit since moving to East Africa. My old self would have been grossed out to the extent that you couldn't eat, let alone ever touch an egg again, but I wasn't. Yes I was grossed out, but I was not going to let this stop me from my morning tradition! So, you guessed it, I got another bowl, and another egg, and this one, it was beautiful, all that it should be, and so I got brave and cracked another egg, and it too, was just as it should be. And my omelet was fantastic!

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Nate and Amanda said...

One time I bought Kroger brand eggs and even though there was no fetus, it was still pretty disgusting. I was making cookies and cracked the 1st egg to discover two yolks - "Oh, twins" I thought to myself until I continued cracking and the whole dozen were twins. Something was very unnatural about that - we don't buy Kroger eggs anymore.