Sunday, November 25, 2007

Blogger should have thought of it...

So I was reading a friends blog, and decided to check out the company who she is writing with...she isn't using blogger...

Anyhow, the group she uses, allows for a password protection to individual posts (I recall suggesting this a few months ago to blogger). That would mean your blog can be public, but you can select entries that require a password.

I am thinking of making a switch. They make it easy for you. But this blog has moved so many times I think it is tired.


Jenelle said...

The fine print: The nice thing about Blogger is that they give you 1 GB of free space. Wordpress only gives you 50 MB. If you're not using images, it won't matter to you to only have 50 MB. I decided to switch mostly because of aesthetics. Even if I have to pay $20-30/year for more space, I decided to let it be a gift to my blogger self.

The other nice thing about Blogger is you can manipulate the HTML code in your template and change it however you like. In order to do that on Wordpress (they use CSS code), you have to pay $20/year. But I still think they have the nicer layouts.

I do think Blogger is easier to use. But Wordpress is cleaner.

I don't think I'm helping much. But I thought I'd give you my two shillings.

Jenelle said...

post script
Don't worry about moving a lot. It's pretty easy to click to a new place. People will follow you.