Sunday, October 21, 2007

Flip flops.

I wear them daily. I like them as shoes but don't necessarily like the flip-flopping of my life. Last week was a week of flip flops. But I am taking it in stride.

Last week we had our bi-annual team meeting, where we all gather for three, full days of evaluating, planning and developing strategies for the future. Those of you who know me, or have worked with me in the past know that I don't do well sitting in meetings for that long, but I got through these, even with flip flops.

Monday was a review of the last 6 months, and awesomely I am on track, having completed the goals we set at last years meeting for 2007. That felt good. It was encouraging. We had actually accomplished a few more!

In April of 2007 we set our goals for 2008, this meeting we were just to evaluate and make them firm. On tuesday, I had to remove a few, because they had been accomplished, and then add a few new ones to take their place. Again it felt good, and it was fun to dream about the future of Unga. I got excited thinking about the work we could get done in the beginning of 2008 before I went on furlough. In my mind I was going on furlough in July 2008.

On wednesday we restructured our team, which is an awesome thing for me, in that on our awesome team I am have been the only one pressing in for Unga, my teammates were on the rural church planting side of things, and lets just put it out there, I felt overwhelmed, and like I was carrying the burden for this ministry on my own shoulders. With the reconstruction, I now have a team of people who are carrying the weight with me.

On wednesday we discussed furlough, and my furlough dates were changed for me by the team. I got excited and switched my thinking, instead of being here the beginning of 2008 thinking I would be in the USA.

On Wednesday night I got confirmation that it probably wouldn't change after all, or that I wouldn't be heading home as early as the team proposed.

On Thursday I was offered another option.

And I still have no idea when I am going on furlough, just that I will be in the USA sometime in 2008. Most have asked if I am angry, hurt or frustrated that I am not going on furlough early as suggested earlier last week. Honestly I am not, I am just frustrated by the flip flop. I would just like to set some plans forth, and know if I should be thinking about ministry and planning and for what months.

Another flip flop. I am moving. When? I haven't a clue. Sometime in November. I have found an apartment that I like, but at the same time I am me so I have to check out all the other options first, to make sure I don't find something that suits me better.

I can take the changes in stride, and handle the ups and downs, but I am learning that the flip flops, do cause some tension, as I like to dream, and it is hard to dream when on one day you are told you will be somewhere and the next you won't.

Don't worry though, I am still dreaming. Dreaming of walmart, my family, my friends, and smooth roads, and people who speak my language and understand my culture. sweet bliss.

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Leslie said...

Della has already started praying for your safe travel back to see us!