Monday, October 15, 2007

Fans, Internet, Refrigeration, Security Lights, and Hot Water

This was the dilemma last night.

Long story short, we are having power problems. Somewhere in our system there is a problem, mind you no electrician in Tanzania can seem to figure it out. We have another one coming tomorrow. In the meantime, we have the dilemma of trying to figure out which is most important...especially at night.

You see, I can't sleep without a fan on, I have become rather accustomed to blocking out the barking (of my own dogs, not the neighbors) with the fan, so I would really like to have the fan on.

Internet. It is on another switch. Is it necessary? We determined not necessarily while we are sleeping.

Refrigeration...seeing as I bought several chickens a few weeks ago and they are in my freezer this is a necessity. But can we keep the fridge and the fan on? You never know. Really.

Security Lights. We can keep half of them on. Turning on the other half shuts down the whole house.

Hot water heaters. Lets face it, we all like to take warm showers.

Last night, after much trying, we somehow managed to have the fridge, my fan, security lights and the hot water heater on all night without the breakers flipping. I think it was the grace of God.

Tonight we won't have such a dilemma, as this afternoon while I was looking at a few apartments (read on) I got a message that the hot water heater sprung a leak, and our hallway was flooded. So, now we don't have to debate about hot water, as we have had to shut off all the water coming into our house to stop the flooding. Hey, at least I get the fan!

Typically these nuances would seem to be much more than nuances, but after the accident, court, the guy on the bike and other such incidents of the last week, these things are minor details. Of course it does help that I will be moving in a month or so, to a safer, more secure apartment. Where that is I don't know yet, but, God does. That is a long story in itself, lets just say God has plans, and I am resting in them, and I am thankful that today someone did commit to taking my two pups, as I won't be able to find an apartment in Arusha that will allow me to keep them. Sadly I grew too attached to my "guard dogs" so it will be hard to part with them. There were thoughts of a fish, however, they don't cuddle so well.

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Nate and Amanda said...

Pam, I too used to be addicted to a fan while sleeping. My husband was successful at breaking me of that habit although I still contend that I would sleep better with one on - oh well.