Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Coming Home.

I returned to Arusha Friday night, and I can't explain the joy that gripped my heart to be home. It is beyond words.

I am still not working, and still not driving, but still getting some counseling and much needed debrief from the last 6 weeks or so.

My fears of driving are quickly being out-weighed by my frustration with being so reliant on other and my annoyance at my lack of freedom. I hope to get back behind the wheel in a couple of weeks.

I got news that my car was finished with its repairs over the weekend. My teammates were nice enough to pick it up and take it to the other mechanic to have the brakes checked. Yep, they needed repaired/replaced. They were to be done yesterday. I haven't heard yet, but really, what's the hurry, I can't drive yet anyhow!

I also had another homecoming of sorts yesterday. I got to go to Unga with some guys sent by CMF (who also happen to go to E91.) It was a joy to share my heart with them, to and let them get a glimpse and also take tons of photos for CMF. It was even more fun seeing my friends and embracing them after such a difficult time.

So that is the update. Life is progressing, and I am growing, healing and being restored. I am ready to head back to life, but am cautioned about doing it too quickly. God must know my tendencies pretty well, as I now have a killer cold and that is helping to keep me down and resting.

Thanks for praying. I eagerly look forward to sharing with you what I have learned in this season, when I figure it all out and can put it into words!

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