Wednesday, October 31, 2007


March 22, 2006 Move to Temporary Housing in Arusha from Indianapolis, IN.
April 7, 2006 Move to Apartment in Arusha.
October 2006 Move to larger house in Arusha to prepare for coming roommates.
April 2007 Move to house down the road because of constant water problems.
November 2007 Move to an apartment in Arusha.

Yep folks. My 5th move in 19 months. I must say that with each move I can remember saying, "this is the last one." "never again." "I'm staying put this time."

And as I write this I am procrastinating the packing process that is required for the move to take place this weekend.

Sometimes, working, living together, and having all of the same friends isn't a necessarily a good thing, it hasn't been a bad thing, but Kendra and I decided that it is best for both of us and for our ministry and our team to find apartments and live on our own...

So starting tomorrow I will again, pack things into the Toyota Prado, and a borrowed truck and move into an apartment. I am excited about the move, not the process. I think it is going to be good for both of us, and will really help us to enjoy each other more. I also am excited for my own space, (I really am selfish about my space.) I am not excited about giving my dogs to someone else to care for. Thankfully they are friends and teammates so I can come visit them whenever I want...mind you I am still sad cause I know it won't be the same.

In addition to packing, I got to fire my second employee since I have been here. He's been sleeping on the job. I have a hard time letting people go, as I know their family needs the money to survive, but I also have a hard time with warning and warning and warning and not following I had to follow through. It was hard. I grieve for his wife and kids...if only he would not have slept repeatedly on the job...

Well, time to stop procrastinating, and get packing again.

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