Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Writing on a mac in Dar

Greetings from Dar es Salaam Tanzania! This week is not going as planned, but I am NOT complaining! I have somehow found myself at the Young Life Retreat Center in Dar, and well lets just say that after just a few short hours I already feel re-energized, a welcome treat after the last few weeks of the car accident and my first court appearance and conviction. Rest is good for the soul.

So why am I here? My multientry visa for Kenya expired a few weeks ago, and I go so often it doesn't make sense for me to not renew it, and I have a trip planned for the end of the month to see the crew from Crosspointe Church at Cary, NC so I really needed to get it done.

AND the Bordens were already making the drive, and they had room for one more, so I somehow managed to get myself not only a driver (sweet!) but some fun traveling companions in order to get my visa for Kenya renewed! SWEET!

So I am in Dar for a few days, limited access to email and limited access to blogging.

On a different note, I am using Jenelle (the amazing guest of the Borden's) Mac. WOW! I am not one who usually gets excited over objects, but lately I have had the opportunity to use the mac of several different friends and my computer has become so unreliable and unpredictable and well, lets just say it might as well be a desktop cause I am afraid to travel with it, that as I type I am quite fond of pearl (Jenelle's Mac) and regretting my decision to go with the cheaper Dell version I acquired a few years ago. I have long thought of switching to the other side, and well, lets just say it might be on the list of things to do when money and life allow!

Back to real life though. Hopefully, my visa will be ready tomorrow and I will be back home thursday night! Pray as I rest and wait for my visa tomorrow, and for safe travel home on thursday!


g9ine said...

Me like Mac 2

Carrie said...

Three cheers for the Mac! We converted a little over a year ago and we are BIG fans! I'm glad you're feeling rested. What a blessing! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I just posted a new picture that compares my kitchen now. I'm excited!