Monday, September 03, 2007


Labor day was anything but a normal "labor day" in my world as I still worked, it wasn't a recognized holiday for us. But, it was the beginning of a week of returning back to my normal routine, with a few changes I plan to throw in.

It started with team prayer. Each monday our team gathers for a time or prayer where we share what is before us, and what is going on in life. The rest of the day pretty much went as my normal monday goes. It was refreshing.

I like normal. I like not having the stress and chaos of the culture and such in such a firestorm like it had been in the last week. We are still waiting for forms for the insurance, but I have removed myself from the process, and handed it off to Scollar, our secretary who does so much more than secretarial services. It will be much easier for her to get the forms than me. My whiteness would surely slow things down.

The rest of the accident details are behind me, literally, and figuratively. There isn't much more to do, than heal. My back is still sore, I really should let go of things and not get so stressed out. I am still sore in my chest area, which I thought was because of the stress, but it dawned on Kendra today that I could have bruised myself in the impact, as the pain is right where the seatbelt crosses. Regardless, it is getting better, hurting less and less, and for that I am thankful.

I made plans today also to go back to Unga this week. I like normal.

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