Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I love the slums.

So I am not working these days, but I can still manage to get into the slums.

Most people go there, but can't wait to get out. Those living there are always looking for ways to move on. People go there and become overwhelmed by the smell, the dirt, the icky stuff in the roads, the flying toilets, the despair, the poverty, the lostness and I could go on and on.

But I am strange. I love the slums. I get excited there, and I see it differently than most. When I walk through, I am energized, I am fueled and motivated by what I see around me... the possibility for radical transformation through the Gospel. I don't see the delapidated shacks, I see the beginnings of lives that are just waiting to be restored. And today, wasn't any different.

As I walked through Kibera with the group from Crosspointe yesterday morning I oddly felt at home. I have missed Unga in the last week, and no it isn't an insane symptom of a work-a-holic, rather, it is just where my heart is energized and where my passion for ministry resides. Kibera is huge, huge isn't descriptive enough of a word, and I can say, that is is overwhelming, but walking through there, I looked into the eyes of the kiddos and I had hope. I know the God of the universe, who has a plan for them, and this, living in this state, isn't His plan. I know the depths of His love for them, and that He has come to redeem them and give them life, and that my friends, makes the slums some of the most beautiful places on earth. It doesn't have to be a place of despair and darkness, it can be seen as a place of hope. A place of redemption in the making, a place that has such a huge future that God is gonna blow us away.

I love the slums.

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