Thursday, September 13, 2007

I am learning to let other people do immigration stuff for you.

Wow. less than 24 hours folks. Thats how long it took to get my Kenyan Multi-entry visa! Maybe that is what happens when I step out of the picture! Yep, I sent someone to do my dirty work, while I sat on the beach in DAR. But they are pros, and they got my visa much faster than I ever would have I am sure! And it only cost me an extra $20.

So I am back in Arusha, after having some serious fun with the Borden kiddos catching the coolest looking starfish I have ever seen, playing with hermit crabs, building sand castles, mourning the fact that there was so much trash on the beach and yes, taking my long beach walk... something about walking on the beach just relaxes me... and reminds me of dad. I didn't walk often enough on the beach in Hollywood, Florida, I was too busy sitting on my backside reading a book!

Oh yeah, and we had some excitement too! The earthquake in Indonesia spurred a Tsunami warning for East Africa, and yes, of course I was staying with some friends of Jenelles who happen to live across the road from the beach! It drove Jenelle crazy that I just said we should trust Jesus and go to bed. Thankfully a Tsunami didn't hit, I slept through it all, quite peacefully I might add. I figured Jenelle, who was staying awake in case anything happened would wake me if action needed to occur!

We are all safe, but there are many affected by the quake. Remember to pray for them, and their families as they rebuild life.

Back to Unga tomorrow!

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