Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wheat woes are gone!

So I mentioned trying wheat about a week ago. Our team had talked about it possibly being a curse, or a spiritual problem and so I prayed and ate. The first meal went well. The others not so much. I again became afraid and started avoiding wheat.

The team asked about it on monday at our normal weekly prayer time. I told them the main points and that it hadn't gone away. They then asked to pray over me as a team. There wasn't an explanation for the wheat problem to begin with, and so we asked for healing.

I am THRILLED to report, that I have had wheat products every day since monday without a problem! No symptoms at all. This may seem far out to some of you, but honestly, I do believe in a God who heals, and I give Him credit for this one. The wheat woes are gone!


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woosterweester said...

Praise the Lord! And praise God for the gift of discernment. We wrestle not against flesh and blood... (though sometimes against wheat:)). Rejoicing with you all the way back in Oregon!!!!