Friday, August 03, 2007

Time away...

Things have been busy. Very Busy. The interns took off, and honestly, I intended to take a day off for myself...but ended up taking half a day. I had work to do!

Budget meetings. Those are always fun aren't they? I am not a fan of meetings, especially these type, but I managed. Budget approved. That's always good to hear!

Moving and painting. It seems like I am really good at starting projects. I needed to move some stuff around for Kendra's arrival this weekend. I started, and have done a little each day, then I got distracted and decided that I needed to paint my bedroom, the walls probably haven't been painted in who knows how many years, and they were unbearable to look at. I chose a soft yellow, however something happened between the little card and the computer that mixes the paint (This is Africa) and my soft yellow...well it isn't so soft! Oh well, my room is now cheery. VERY CHEERY!

Time in Unga. I went to Unga today, three days late, missed a celebration that I didn't know was gonna take place. You can read it on the Unga blog. Link at the right.

Fighting. I have been fighting in my sleep lately. Literally. You can pray about this. I think someone knows that when I am lacking in sleep I am less effective in my ministry. Tonight I am positive I am gonna sleep well, cause I am reminded that Jesus is my life, not some annoying pest.

Wheat. No change. Sadly, someone slipped some wheat into my meal yet again the other night (I really need to learn the condiments that have wheat in them.) and so I managed to endure the morning after. It wasn't pleasant, I will spare you.

Furlough. Oh, this is exciting! As part of my budget planning for next year, I had to start (had if you had to twist my arm to think about visiting friends and family) planning my trip home. I am gonna stay long enough to do another REACH group, and I am thinking about flying home with them at the end of June, arriving around Aug 1, or a week later! Exciting stuff! I get about 7 months home, so will look forward to talking to you all and planning visits to Oregon, Michigan, Florida, North Carolina and Colorado. I will base myself out of Indianapolis.

So thats it in a nutshell. Life is life. It is becoming normal here, which is good. Someone asked me where home was the other day, I had to think about the answer. Another good thing. I think it shows I am adjusting more and more by the day.

The team is great, life is great, God is even greater!

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Leslie said...

The answer to the Very Cheery yellow is to sponge over it with almost white. I am now banned from buying paint without the input of other people! We look forward to seeing you.