Monday, August 13, 2007

Stranger Things have happened.

This might seem odd to some, but then again, there are several things that I write that seem odd. Last April, I got sick, really sick, the kind of stomach virus and symptoms that should never be explained on a blog post. Trust me.

Since that eventful day, I have had lingering symptoms, we thought it was an amoeba, but it didn't add up. We then determined, without formal testing (I did my own personal experiments) that I was wheat intolerant. I determined this by keeping a diary, of what I ate and when I got sick. Everytime I ate something with wheat in it, I got sick, gross, disgusting, pain I can't describe sick. So I stopped eating wheat, and stopped getting sick. I did talk to a doctor, and he said, possibly I was so sick in April that I had become wheat intolerant from the volitile experience. I stopped eating wheat.

Well, this past week, several people have said to me, "Pam I wonder if this is a physical illness, or if this is something the enemy is using to cause disruption in your life?" I said, you know, I have heard of stranger things. So we prayed. We asked God to heal my stomach and remove whatever it was that was causing me to not be able to eat wheat.

I have to admit, I believe that God can heal, and can restore us, but I was a bit timid. So I started off slow. I ate a cookie Saturday night. I didn't get sick.

Sunday I laid off, I was a little quesy, so thought to take it easy.

Today I ate pizza. I didn't get sick.

Tomorrow I might go for pancakes.

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