Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My oh my!

Yesterday I was talking with some friends of mine and we both determined, that there are several quality hackers in town, and maybe I should take my external hard drive to one of them to see if they could get the data instead of sending it to the USA. So I figured anything is worth trying, and I dropped my hard drive off.

This morning I went back, and they said there is nothing wrong with the hard drive but that there was a problem with the casing! YEAH! They put my hard drive in a computer and found that it worked fine! Then, they found me a new casing and $60 later I have a functioning external hard drive again! I can't explain to you the depths of my relief! Instead of writing this blog I really should be backing up the new external hard drive!

I had an extremely different experience today, unlike any that I have ever experienced here in Africa. I was in the market getting some fruit and veggies when I noticed local vendors bursting out in laughter! This wasn't normal laughter, this was from the gut, heads tipping backwards arms on the belly laughs with shrieks from the women. Initially my thought was, "ooh, my, what have I done..." then out of the corner of my eye I see a woman walking up to me, and I really thought I had messed up, until I saw that this woman wasn't a woman, but a man! I will say it was a pretty good costume, had me fooled until he was about 3 feet in front of me...and better yet, pulling behind her...er him, with a rope was a grown man, dressed up like a baby, diaper outide the pants and all... I really was hysterical I will say, I too laughed a gutteral laugh and tipped my head back. You had to have been there I suppose. The response from the crowd is what tickled me most, in America you see men dressed up like women and you don't really think anything of it, here, it was obviously a big joke, that humored everyone, even the foreigner.

I also made a visit to Unga today. There was much more laughter there.

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