Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Luke 11

Even after a year and a half, I still have moments of culture shock, missing family (those seem more frequent after a year and a half, and uncertainty. I sometimes tend to get overwhelmed with them. I get frustrated with the culture, with life, with the distance between me and those I care about, and I somehow become defeated. Yesterday was one of those days, it was as if I had discouragement sitting on my shoulders. I shouldn't be discouraged, when I look around me things are going so well, things are happening in Unga, God has blessed me with great teammates, great opportunities, GREATNESS in general! But yesterday I couldn't, or wouldn't see it. Yesterday was a gloomy day.

This morning I woke up and discouragement was still sitting on my back. I then started reading Luke 11:2-4. As I read, I was encouraged, I was reminded... see for yourself.


I get to call the God of the universe father. I could stop there, cause really, that is pretty incredible in itself, He isn't just God, but He longs to know me like dad. Wow!

Hallowed be your name.

His name is Holy! Why? Well lets just consider some of His character traits. He is the Creator. He is Savior. He is Jehovah-Jireh. He is God. When He speaks, there is light, there is sea, there are birds and people. He is the Awesome, the Alpha, the Omega, the beginning and the end. He is All knowing, All giving, All conceiving, All of everything! Holy are you Lord!

Your Kingdom Come.

As I considered the Holiness of God and His Power, His Might, His Wisdom, His Everthing, my desire to know life, to plan it out, to know the steps I will take in the coming years diminished. All I really need to know is the Holy God Father. As I considered Him it was easy to say, Your Kingdom come, because He does know everything, He is GOD!

Give us each day our daily bread.

This wasn't really a request for me, because as I read it and tried to pray it for myself, I realized He already has. Every day He has provided exactly what I needed. Everything. I have lacked nothing emotionally, physically, spiritually, or healthwise. Yeah, sometimes I have been sick and yesterday I was an emotional wreck, but looking back, yesterday I didn't choose to go to God to get emotionally in check again...probably if I had, I would have had a much different day. He not only wants to be daddy, and he is not only holy, but He desires His kingdom to come, and He gives us everything we need for it to get here.

Forgive our sins as we also forgive everyone who sings against us.

There is a healing that comes in seeking forgiveness. I had to ask forgiveness for many things, choices I had made, words I had said, refusing to give forgiveness, for the bitterness and grudges I hold in my heart. Lord teach me to forgive as you forgive me. And then I remembered how great His forgiveness for me was...I cannot help but forgive.

And lead us not into temptation. (or deliver us from the evil one.)

Lord, as I recognize the previous verses, I remember who it is who is my comfort, my strength, my hope, my ever present help in time of need. The enemy tries to lie to me and get me to worship other gods, the gods of self protection, the god of self reliance, the god of false joy...the list goes on, but when I am reminded of You, I run from these, and to your presence.

And I am then reminded of a song.

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