Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It didn't look as bad as it felt on saturday.

So yesterday when I went to get the police reports, and my car, I took along the camera, for my sake, and for the sake of the insurance company. I knew they would want pics. When I saw the car, in a calm state, a few days after the crash, it didn't seem as bad as it did on saturday. The biggest concern is the damage under the hood. Lets hope the engine that was just rebuilt a few weeks ago is still in tact. What we do know is that the car won't start, the radiator and cooling fan are damaged and pushed back, the obvious physical damage to the grill, lights, bumper etc, the a/c (that's important) appears to be damaged, and a "slightly bent" (according to the vehicle inspection from the police report) front suspension.

So today I go back again, with a tow truck and a letter requesting the accident report. Hopefully the tow truck being there will help to motivate them to release my car. Maybe I should bring some cookies too.

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