Thursday, August 23, 2007

I love Africa.

There is a reason I take these little trips. They not only allow me to get away and refresh, but they often leave me more in love with this place, and remind me of my heart for this land. This last trip was no different.

On my way up, I sat in the front seat and watched the plains go by and my heart was just filled yet again with a love for this country, for its people and its land. As I rode back down this afternoon, between conversations with John my fellow passenger, and my phone ringing and beeping, I watched again with awe, as we passed people, who had nothing but whose faces still held joy.

My heart is at home here, more so than it has been anywhere else. It is as if, my entire life it was meant to be here, and although I am thrilled about a trip home next year, my heart is also grieving. I love this place. My heart, like I said, is most at home here. It is at its most restful, most peaceful, most broken, and most healed here. I love Africa.

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