Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Yesterday left me frustrated, mostly with myself. And this started a long evening of "beating myself up" as I feel like I am to blame for the costly repairs required to my vehicle. Yes, I check the oil regularly, and yes, I stopped immediately when the oil light came on, but that doesn't matter, it is my car, and it is my responsibility, and not only was there a mistake, but it was an expensive one! I don't like making mistakes, not one bit, but I really hate making ones that are expensive.

So this led to an evening of me fighting more arrows. Why do I do this to myself? Regardless, this morning I woke up singing and realized that I am pretty good at giving grace to others, but I really stink at giving it to myself. This isn't a boast really, cause I can be quite the grudge holder and some days you should just change my name and call me Mara.

That all being said, I am challanged, to pursue grace, to put on the armor, and to not only extend grace and mercy to others but to invite myself to be a part of it.


woosterweester said...

Thanks for so eloquently putting into words so many of our thoughts and feelings. You're the real deal!

Jael said...

Yeah I'll say... hang in there! life is a learning process, thinking of you and praying too!