Sunday, August 26, 2007

The day after

The day after and a few phone calls always helps one to gain perspective.

I got a phone call this morning, that from the start led me to Jesus. After a hello, there was just a spurring on to pray, "Pam, lets pray" and as I fought tears and prayed, comfort came and I was then able to stop being so hard on myself and stop reliving the events of the crash like a bad 80's song on repeat. Later in the afternoon my dad called, and also helped to encourage.

We then were able to laugh about a few things. One of which was shortly after the accident, the driver of the other vehicle came up to me and asked, "is there extensive damage?" Mind you, we were both standing in front of my car, hood folded like a taco, radiator fluid running down the road, lights shattered, bumper pushed back. Obvious damge under the hood. Initially I wanted to laugh, and reply, "no sir, no extensive damage here, I have been driving the car in this condition for weeks!" I chose not to, and honestly didn't answer his question.

So how are things? As I said yesterday, no one was hurt, but Kendra and I both woke up a little sore today, which was expected. We are all still incredibly thankful and aware that it is miraculous that no one was hurt. We are rejoicing in these things. The kids are fine, and we redeemed our fun weekend with church this morning and a fun afternoon chilling at Aunt Pam's.

What is next? This is where we pray. Where we beg of God to led us and dictate the steps, and arrange divine appointments. Yesterday the police came to the scene of the accident to start the process. Insurance requires a police report. I laughed a little, as I watched their investigation of the scene. A tape measure, scrap piece of paper and a pen were their tools as they drew a sketch to show the placement of the vehicles. After a few hours standing on the side of the road waiting for them to draw their picture, they came up to me and told me the options. Before they can issue a police report, they have to do an inspection of the vehicle. And of course, it was after hours. So the police officer told me I had two options. First, he was willing to do me a "favor" and inspect the vehicle at the scene, I could then have it towed to a garage for them to start the estimate and come by tomorrow (today) to pick up the actual report. A "favor" would require an under the table financial exchange (bribe) so I went for option number two. Have the car towed to the police station and come back today to pick up my car and the report.

We all assume, that this is not going to be a simple process. That going to the station to get my car and the report will require many trips to the police station, many refusals at bribe offers, many hours of waiting and frustration. We are hoping though, that God would grant us some mercy, and that as I head to the police station tomorrow we will find favor with the police officers and things will move forward with less hassle than anticipated.

Thanks for the prayers, the emails, and notes of encouragement! They have blessed me!

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