Thursday, August 23, 2007

Big Brothers.

I can remember being a little girl and looking up to my big brother. He was the coolest, the fastest, the funnest, the toughest. He was the best and for almost all 29 years of my life, we were good friends. There was a short stint in high school where it wasn't cool to be friends with your little sister, but I completely understand. He helped me learn how to ride a bike, taught me about camping, took care of me and watched over me the many times I injured myself, and he also taught me all he could about boys. He wanted to make sure I was prepared for any situation. To put it bluntly, he loved me. He still does, and man do I love him.

He was a teacher. A leader. A protector. A friend. He is all those things now and more. He is a hero, he taught me how to chase my dreams, even when it didn't make sense (when does moving to Africa ever make sense) and encouraged me to look beyond myself. And as if he has any time left in his day after being all these things, he is an amazing husband, and he defends our freedom. I love my brother. Today I miss him immensely, ironically, he is somewhere in Africa and knowing he is so incredibly close, causes me to miss him even more.

That's my mood tonight. It's been my mood the last 24 hours. Thank God for big brothers.

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