Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wheat Woes

This whole "no wheat" thing is getting ridiculous. It is working, however this week it is on my nerves. Today, all I could think about was a pizza. Nope, can't eat pizza. yesterday we made taco soup and some chips, no chips Pam. The other day it was chapati, a really good flatbread. Another time is was toast, for some reason I really wanted toast with my eggs.

Usually, I don't mind this new food hassle, but lately, the lack of variety is getting annoying. I need to find some new recipes apparently.

I am learning just how difficult this new lifestyle can be. Not only with cooking, but eating out. If I go out, I have to find the most simple thing on the menu (often a salad, without the dressing of course)...cause I have no idea what they are using. You know, boullion has wheat in it, so even soups, could potentially make me sick! I found out the hard way the other day that Soy sauce also has wheat in it. That wasn't so fun. I find myself praying more and more that this is just temporary, that in a few months it won't be a problem and I can be my pasta and bread loving self again.

Ok. enough whining. I will survive. Really, there are foods I can eat, I am just spoiled.


Leslie said...

I here you. We are struggeling to find things that Della can eat. I will let you know how the gluten free products are and send over the ones we can.

Roy said...

If it helps, there's a company called Chebe that makes an absolutely fantastic gluten and dairy free pizza crust mix. It's absolutely delicious.

The woman I'm seeing is gluten and dairy free, and eating out is really tough. Best of luck!