Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Trek

On Saturday, the girls, Donnie, Jack, Jabriel and I took a trek from the CMF training center to a crater called Kilimoto. It isn't a tough climb at all, but from the top you can see all around the village of Oltrumet and Ekenwya just outside of Arusha.

It was a great start. It has been way too long since I have been able to go on a trek. I miss trekking. I miss exploring and everyday when I wash dishes and stare out my kitchen window and see Mount Meru, all I can think of is climbing that mountain, or just exploring it a little.

Kilimoto isn't a mountain, it is a crater, but I was stoked. All went well the first hour or two. Then as we walked through communities we of course gathered attention, and a few followers. This is fine, except eventually it becomes quite the following, literally at least 30 people. It wasn't what I had hoped for. I was looking forward to a nice quiet Saturday trek, and not being bothered. But soon, it set in, the begging. The asking for gifts and money. The guilt trips, because we have so much we should give them something. The kids played with your friends. You should give them money. I showed you how to get to the Crater, you should give me money. (mind you, we knew where the Crater was!) Anyhow, after explaining to them several times that we didn't bring money, the frustration grew, and I just wanted to get home. The view from the top was amazing, and it was neat to think about these people one day praising God through the work of our team at the Training Center, but I just couldn't play translator, and middle man any longer. We all started back, and the kids started throwing rocks at us. It was furstrating. I fought to sing songs of praise just to keep focus and not lose heart. It wasn't a total bust of a day though, we did have a great time, got some great exploring in, and learned more about the lives we live here as missionaries. Enjoy the photos.

I don't know what is better, the smile on this girls face, or the view!

Amber and Jackie playing games with the kiddos.

Jackie, using her swahili!

Amber, Hilary, Me, Elsa, Jackie
Yes. We wear skirts when we climb craters. We wear skirts anytime
we might run into a national.

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