Sunday, July 08, 2007

They're Back!

Today was a good day! For the first time in months, all of my dearest girl friends in Arusha were in the same place at the same time! (Except the other Pam, she has yet to come back, but I am counting down the days!) It has literally been months! Nadine went to Canada, Hannah went to the UK, and Anna and Tanya have been in the USA, South Africa and Lesotho. Ironically, part of church was about friendships and how God gives us friends and how much He uses them in our lives. It was fun to sit around the table with these ladies, and recall the many times God has used them in mine! We had lunch together, and then to top it off, Tanya and Anna came home, made vegetable beef soup with me and we spent a better part of the evening sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace shuffling the ipod. It was old times. It was a gift, to just sit and be, to share space together and bring each other up to speed on what has gone on in our lives in the last 3 months. It was joyful.

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the spheric1 said...

I believe I heard that my uncle is going to be visiting Tanzania.