Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I was offered a husband again today. I was in the office of a local Compassion International project. Mary and William Msuya's church hosts the project office on their property. William and Mary are the church we are trying to partner with to start a CHE program.

While I was visiting with the precious ladies in the office one of them blurted out, "Pam are you still a little girl?"

Knowing that she meant that I was still not married I responded affirmatively. She then asked if I wanted a Tanzanian husband, which is a really difficult question to answer. I don't want one, I know enough of the culture and marriage in this culture to know that I don't want a Tanzanian husband. But how do you say that without applying insult. So I blamed my mom. Which wasn't a lie really, my mom would be sad if I ever married a Tanzanian, not necessarily because he was Tanzanian but because it would mean I wouldn't move back home. I explain it to them, and usually it suffices. Today it didn't. They pressed the issue, and then said, "what about you?" "do you want to?" AGH! What is a girl to do? I admit that I would be a terrible wife for a Tanzanian, I can't fetch water with a bucket on my head, I don't know how to cook Tanzanian food, and well, it just wouldn't work. They kept pressing. So I blurted out the only card I had left. I confessed to them, that although I am not engaged, I do have interests elsewhere. This sent the room roaring with joy. Apparently my singleness is causing great concern. Since I have interest elsewhere I will apparently be ok.

I laughed as they turned and put the pressure on Amber. Poor girl, didn't know what to do, but she didn't understand much of what they were saying anyhow so she escaped unharmed and unhitched.

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Megan Fausset said...

It's not just a Tanzanion thing. I feel your pain.