Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It's so quiet...

I don't quite know what to do.

About 8 weeks ago, I was writing a post "This is Africa" and sharing about the adventure our REACH interns encountered upon their arrival. There is another part of Africa that sometimes is forgotten...

People come. People love to come to this wonderful country, groups come all the time and they change our lives! Precious people who love the Lord come and share their lives with us, for a week, ten days, 2 weeks, some 6 months and longer, and they become a part of us, a part of what we are doing, a part of our extended family, and we are forever changed. This is one of the parts of Africa I love the most. The visitors, who are more than visitors, who are a blessing and an opportunity to bless.

Then the other part. People go. How dare they do that? How dare they come and provide such encouragement, words of wisdom, helping hands get us all used to having them here and then leave! The nerve! Yeah I know, they warn us about this ahead of time, that they can only stay a few weeks, but it is always hard to see them go. Tonight, was no different.

We had four amazing college gals with us the last 8 weeks. All four of them from distinctly different backgrounds, upbringing, education experience, church experience and distinctly different, extremely different personalities, but we all learned, we all grew, we were all challenged and we were all blessed, and tonight, we put them on a shuttle to Kilimanjaro Internaional Airport.

Pray for Amber, Elsa, Hilary and Jackie. Pray for safe travel, and for their transition back home.

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cosmicgirl said...

Well. We made it!!!!
We cryed all the way to kilimanjaro airport.. We still miss. But I think is good to be home. Almost home..