Thursday, July 26, 2007

It pays to know the boss...

Or to come in a few days after Bill Clinton does.

Tuesday I took the interns shopping, I also looked for a few things, as I had a few gifts I was wanting to pick up. I saw one thing, and I just knew it would the perfect gift, so I asked one of the floor help guys how much it was, he gave me an insane price, so sadly, even though I knew it was perfect, and the receiver would love it, I put it back on the shelf.

Today I went back. I have thought non-stop about the item I saw on Tuesday, and I thought, maybe there is something like it, that won't break the bank. I saw many similar items, and the item I didn't get on Tuesday. The owner was there and he asked how I was doing, how ministry was going and what I was looking for. I told him a gift for a friend, and handed him several items that I thought would be good and asked the price for each of them so I could decide. I also snuck in the item from Tuesday. For comparison of course.

While he was getting prices, I asked how business had been, and he informed me that Bill Clinton had stopped by on Tuesday and that they had a nice visit. It was quite casual actually, as if they were longtime friends. I then asked if he was smiling because his old friend had come by, or if Bill had helped the local economy and visited his Tanzanite counter. Tanzanite is a gorgeous blue gemstone. I am not a jewel person, or really a jewelry kinda gal, but the blue hue of Tanzanite will stop anyone in their tracks, and apparently it stops Bill too! The store owner responded, "let's put it this way, I am smiling!"

So I am not sure if it is because I know the owner, of if it is because of Bill's recent spending, but when I got all the prices for the items I was comparing, the item I didn't get on Tuesday, was less than half the price it was on Tuesday. I should have visited the Tanzanite counter as well.

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