Saturday, July 07, 2007

Everything in Africa is an adventure. So I am learning. Including this post. For some reason I can't give it a won't allow me to!

Yesterday I had a few different adventures!

I decided it was time to buckle down, and start using the fireplace, it is just too cold. So I went to buy firewood. The first lady I went to ripped me off. I paid for 5 bundles and only got 4, however she insists she counted correctly and gave me 5. We could not agree, so, I won't go back to her. These types of things feed my frustration sometimes.

I then went to another guy, for the larger pieces, the logs. He was a sweet, gentle old man, and very friendly. I think I will go back to him more often. We talked about life and about wood, and he taught me a lot about all the different types he sells. I will go back to him. He alleviated my frustration.

I also got a much needed hair cut yesterday. I went to the good place in town, where there is an expat who cuts hair. She is a little costly, but does a good job, and since I don't have to cut my hair too often, it evens out. Well I went in, with hair below my shoulders, asked her to cut off a few inches, so it would sit just above the shoulders. She misunderstood apparently, because my hair is short. Its short. It will take some getting used to and some serious prayer. I need power (electricity) for this new do. The natural curl and short hair combo on my head are BAD! Everything here is an adventure!

Today was an adventure of a different sort, a long hike to a crater in the African Plain with the interns, Jack, and a friend. I'll post more about that later!

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