Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Today I was in the grocery store, and yep you guessed it, there was another earthquake! That would be the fourth that I have felt since Sunday night. It motivated me to do some research. I was curious, how strong are they? where are they?

From what I could find online, there have been not only four earthquakes since Sunday, but seven in the last week! The details:

Thursday July 12 6:31 PM Magnitude 4.4
Saturday July 14 3:23 PM Magnitude 4.5
Sunday July 15 2:24 PM Magnitude 5.4
Sunday July 15 11:45 PM Magnitude 5.4
Monday July 16 12:10 PM Magnitude 4.7
Monday July 16 5:23 PM Magnitude 4.7
Tuesday July 17 5:10 PM Magnitude 6.0

They all have similar epicenters, all in the region of that lovely active volcano I climbed in January! Don't worry mom. We do have an evacuation plan if it is ever necessary, however I don't think it will be.

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