Tuesday, July 17, 2007

absent but not without reason!

Life has been really really really busy the last several days! This post is a re-run of the week. Sadly because of time and pressure to fill you all in, there isn't much of the fluffy feeling stuff...that will come!

Friday was Jack's birthday, which necessitated a party! (mind you, i often don't need a reason for a party, but this was a REALLY good reason!) We celebrated well into the night. After games, and more games, and movies, and cake we finally all hit our pillows and I counted the hours I could sleep before having to get up again.

Early Saturday morning we put Jack on a shuttle to Nairobi. It was an unplanned trip, in that he was supposed to be here another week, but a family illness required that he get on a bus early Saturday morning and head home, while his two friends slept soundly at my house!

I got home after taking him to the bus and found his friends and the interns awake and bustling! We had big plans to go to Marangu falls at the base of Kilimanjaro. We fixed breakfast for the boys (sadly I didn't have it in me to make any pancakes, I was spent). And then packed a picnic lunch (have you ever packed a picnic lunch without wheat, it proves interesting!) We loaded everyone in the car, dropped the boys off and headed east.

Two hours later we arrived at our destination. I honestly, took a little nap while the girls explored a little bit, but soon recognized I would miss out on a lot of fun. Although I was exhausted from the emotions, and activities of the previous week I got myself up, and pulled out the camera and explored with them. I didn't however, get in the freezing cold water, as I am always cold anyhow, and you have got to be crazy to put yourself in the snow melt of Kilimanjaro in the dead of winter (yes we are in the dead of winter). But our interns, they proved to be a little crazy and about half an hour after we got there, all of them were shivering and laughing as they were drenched. It was fun to watch them.

After a short hike on newly discovered trails we loaded up so we would be sure to get home by dark. I started the two hour drive with a slight headache. I made it almost completely home, but the nausea set in, so I relinquished the wheel, apologized for turning off all music, and curled up in the passengers seat. Thinking about anything I could to distract me from the intense desire to hurl.

Sunday brought the excitement of going to church with mama Jackson! It was such an amazing time, that it really deserves its own post! Suffice it to say at this time that it was incredible and I am thinking of making regular appearances there instead of the church I have been going to. I will be sure to post more later. 3 and a half hours after we arrived, church ended and we apologized for our need to hurry home because one intern was sick and needed to be checked on.

Sunday afternoon brought a few hours of unplanned activity, for much needed cleaning up from Friday's party, Saturday's picnic, and for preparing for yet another party! Sunday night we had the Carter girls over for a girl slumber party. I was trying to be the good aunt, and had wanted to have them over for some girl fun, but hadn't managed to find the time. The interns also wanted to do it, so we crammed it in. The party lasted until about midnight.

Sunday also brought some excitement of a different form! We had some earthquakes! Minor ones of course, the type that most Californians would dismiss and probably not even notice! I didn't notice the one in the afternoon, but I did notice the two in the middle of the night. Ironically I have never experienced an earthquake in the United States the country I am from and have lived in most of my life, but all of the earthquakes I have experienced have been in Chile and now Tanzania!

Monday I got up early, made some pancakes and got all 7 of the girls in my house moving and fed in order to leave by 8:30 and get to our weekly time of prayer as a team! It was a bit nutty, especially since I stayed up so late Sunday night. I was operating on 3.5 hours sleep, and it was obvious by my dropping the milk, and spilling the juice, but the pancakes fortunately turned out! There weren't any complaints at breakfast.

Monday afternoon brought our weekly orphanage trip! I admittedly wasn't too thrilled. This is another post for a later date, but I have a hard time going to the orphanage. I will like I said explain that later. It was a hard discovery though, to arrive and find out that one of the little boys passed away the week prior. You could feel the sadness in the place, you could sense the low spirits of the staff. We also found Baraka's bed empty and started to worry. He was the little guy who was so sick weeks prior. He had recovered the last time we saw him but his empty bed caused some hearts to skip a beat. Fortunately he is still alive, but he is in the hospital and apparently quite sick. Pray for him.

Today, so far has been about recovery. I let myself get too tired again. I need to learn more about balance! This week head to the beach, to let us all get a little rest and start debriefing the girls time here.

This afternoon though, I am heading back to Unga, we are gonna do some more prayer, and I find it interesting that something that had become so monotonous to me is now so eagerly welcomed! I look forward to the normalcy of walking in Unga today. I am also looking forward to seeing Mama Jackson.

This afternoon I also get to meet with my landlord and try to convince him to reinforce my fence, and make it taller. A section has become vulnerable, and apparently I am not the only one who noticed. Thankfully Ihave two fierce (well not so fierce really, but no one else knows that) guard dogs who prevented the man who climbed the fence Sunday night from getting in. Apparently when he was about to jump down they met him at the bottom and freaked him out and he ran for the hills! Good job dogs! They got some special attention for that one!

So that's the update. All words, but not much heart. I will get the heart stuff later. I promise.

And yeah, I know the photo slide show is missing, I took it off to update it. A new one will appear soon!

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