Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Table Talk

***Disclaimer: My mom did teach me good manners...even though this post has little evidence of her hard work. Sorry mom.

So lets just get right down to it. When on the mission field, you learn to talk about just about anything. You talk about bugs, snakes, funny language stories and poop. Yes you talk about poop. You share bad toilet experiences one for laughter and also because you are also hoping for an answer for your misery.

Tonight the interns, Katie and I sat down to our garlic and rosemary chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and carrots and prayed. I don't know where the table talk went downhill. Two interns are moving to Scott and Annelle's on saturday and we can just say they aren't looking forward to it, mostly because the first two weeks they will stay in our student housing. The student housing has a choo, or long drop, or pit for a toilet. This led to a hysterical evening at the dinner table. I shared about my first long drop (hole in the ground) toilet experience. Katie shared hers. The interns eyes were wide with wonder. Then we all started talking about how for girls especially there is technique involved to make sure you don't get your skirt or your feet, or expose yourself, especially if the long drop is out in the open. This led to a statement that peeing outdoors seemed so unnatural, to which Katie and I both said, that makes little sense, it is actually "quite natural." And so on.

My words fail me. There were so many one-liners, so many funny things said, especially with Elsa's spanish accent. We laughed so hard, especially when I finally got out of my seat and showed them with my being, a good squatty potty posture. I am embarrassed and proud of myself. I don't remember the last time dinner was so fun!

So what do you talk about at your dinner table?

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