Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rice Cakes Anyone?

Its been two weeks, wheat free, kinda of, last night I cheated. And I haven't been sick, except this morning, but that was cause I caved last night and ate the chocolate chip cookie. A chocolate chip cookie. It makes me sad to think that I could get sick eating a cookie, a homemade chocolate chip cookie.

I talked with a friend this week. She had the same problem last year and so I was commiserating with her. But then found out, that she actually returned home for a few months to recover, which is how she found out what was wrong. Her Dr. said that it all came about because of a severe case of Food Poisoning. And my picture became clear.

I had a rather severe case of something, which we suspected to be food poisoning, the week this all started. So I guess I am following in her shoes. That's what this two week experiment seems to show.

I have handled it rather well, even though pasta and bread and so many other things used to play such a large part of my daily life. I have adjusted, and actually, tried a few new recipes because of it.

I will say it is still difficult, I like cookies. I like cereal. I LOVE spaghetti and lasagna, and ravioli, and bread, fresh baked bread! Did I mention brownies? Macaroni and Cheese? Toast. (yes I know that is bread, but eggs without toast aren't the same!) English muffins. Muffins. Lo mien noodles. Naan. Chapati. Andazi. Spring rolls. The list my friends, goes on and on. I never realized how many foods had wheat in them, until I stopped eating it. It is insane.

What is even more insane, I got a little too excited when I saw PLAIN rice cakes at the store today. Plain Rice cakes! Who gets excited over plain rice cakes? People who aren't eating wheat that's who!

So thanks for the prayers. I am healthy again, in a manner of speaking. And due to this not so fun experience I am learning to cook a lot of different things, without wheat! I will let you know how the spaghetti with rice noodles turns out. My expectations aren't too high, but I will say that my pizza on a dough made of corn flour wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. Thankfully I got over the fear I had as a child of trying new foods!

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